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Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson Creative Director

Like a baby bird taking flight Ben has grown Elegant Seagulls from a one-man operation to one of the largest agencies in MI. As creative director he oversees all things design. When not cracking hilarious jokes Ben enjoys surfing, snowboarding, CrossFit, and spending time with his family and two dogs.

Seagulls 101 Ben can quote over 90% of the movie Zoolander.
Seagulls 101 During a meeting Ben asked the Governor of MI to change the state bird to the seagull.
John Spigarelli

John Spigarelli Director of Marketing

For over a third of his life, John immersed himself in the world of e-commerce. As vice president of marketing he successfully developed & led a multimillion-dollar outdoor industry retailer. John brings well-rounded experience and multi-industry knowledge to the Elegant Seagulls team along with Fantasy Football expertise.

Seagulls 101 John takes a minor amount of credit for spreading the Ugg Boot and yoga pant craze.
Seagulls 101 John has an uncanny ability to remember number sequences after seeing them once.
Tom O'Connel

Tom O'Connell Designer

On a long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha, somewhere between the introduction of the floppy disk and Operation Desert Storm, Tom realized he had a passion for all things design. Tom worked for numerous agencies before finding a warm corner at Elegant Seagulls to hone skills, drink coffee and plot the ruling of the world with his fellow seagulls.

Seagulls 101 Tom’s favorite snack is... used to be...
Seagulls 101 Tom is the oldest and wisest employee at Elegant Seagulls.
Bugsy Sailor

Bugsy Sailor Director of Digital

Between collecting plaid shirts and being the Official Unofficial Ambassador of the Upper Peninsula, Bugsy brings the team his knowledge of web development, marketing, and social media. A native of Baraga, and graduate of Michigan State University, he has settled into Marquette where he also works on Yooper Steez and practices the art of beard growing.

Seagulls 101 Bugsy once poured Richard Branson a beer.
Seagulls 101 Bugsy aspires to one day win a cottage cheese eating contest.
Chris Larose

Chris Larose Director of UI/UX

Prior to taking flight with Elegant Seagulls Chris has dedicated over 10 years of his life to community service and youth development. A graduate from both Specs Howard School Of Media Arts and Northern Michigan University he has refined his ability to communicate across a variety of mediums. If not coding and crafting pixels at Elegant Seagulls you will find him at concerts, volunteering, or making music with his Dad.

Seagulls 101 If Lynyrd Skynyrds plane didn't crash I (likely) wouldn't have been born.
Seagulls 101 They call me Mista Chris.
Joseph Cornelia

Joseph Cornelia Designer & Illustrator

Hailing from the sprawling Metropolis of Amasa, Michigan. Joe practiced his passion for Illustration and Graphic Design at Northern Michigan University. As an artist he enjoys blurring the lines between illustration, design and street art. When not scribbling in his sketchbook, Joe is commanding funky fresh beats.

Seagulls 101 Joe has taught archery to over a thousand people.
Seagulls 101 Joe, Gene and their cat Pixel, are currently working on their debut rap album.
Liz Klarecki

Liz Klarecki Designer & Developer

Liz discovered her niche in code and design while studying both Graphic Communications and Network Computing at Northern Michigan University. When away from the Seagull's nest, Liz enjoys adventures of any kind, tacos, experimenting with data visualization, and stalking her neighbors pug.

Seagulls 101 Liz's midi-chlorian count is off the charts!
Seagulls 101 Liz traveled through Thailand and is a trained elephant mahout.
Myles Kedrowski

Coco Bison Art Director

Amateur adventurer. Passionate gamer and personal movie critic. Cat lover and Mountain Dew connoisseur. We were able to summarize Coco into three short incomplete sentences. He firmly believes he would be the key to mankind's survival in the zombie apocalypse. After contracting at nearly 20 agencies in the Midwest, as well as being an integral team player in other full time web design roles, Coco planted his roots here within the flock and joined the team in late 2014.

Seagulls 101 Myles can sing along flawlessly to every song in David Bowie's movie The Labyrinth
Seagulls 101 Myles has logged over 4,000 hours of game time on World of Warcraft
Ryan Labar

Ryan LaBar Front End Developer / Producer

After 4-years in the action sports industry Ryan aka Squirrel migrated back to Marquette joining the flock in 2015. At work, Ryan enjoys wearing many hats (and stylish pants), whether that’s designing, developing, adding motion enhancements, or working with clients. Away from his desk, Ryan is likely mountain biking, fishing, or hanging out with his family

Seagulls 101 Ryan has tested over 100 different mountain bikes
Seagulls 101 Through marriage, Ryan is related to Lou Bega (mambo number 5)
Jake Proffer

Jacob Proffer Designer & Developer

A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Jacob is a jack of all trades and the self-proclaimed bug hunter of the office. In addition to design he will take on any front-end challenge that is put in front of him, including ancient payment systems. His wide array of obsessions include the number 3, James Cameron's Aliens and early 2000s hip-hop.

Seagulls 101 Jake had a full-grown mustache at the age of thirteen
Seagulls 101 Jake has a cousin that was going marry Charles Manson (Guess it was called off)
Eliza Groll

Eliza Groll Design Intern

Currently going into her Senior year at Northern Michigan University, Eliza's planning to graduate with a major in Graphic Communications with a minor in Dance and Marketing.  Her special talents consist of smiling with all her teeth, tap dancing and quoting all of Christmas Vacation. 

Seagulls 101 Eliza is related to Johnny Cash's wife, June Carter. Singing was not an inherited trait.
Seagulls 101 Eliza is Tom's daughter's dance teacher.
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